Maple Valley

  • Family Circle calls Maple Valley one of the top ten family-oriented cities in the USA. It’s one of the top ten safest places, as well as one of the Best Places in Washington to Raise Kids.  Seattle Seahawks superstar cornerback Richard Sherman calls it home, too.
  • Recent population growth spurred commercial development, mostly in the “Four Corners” area of town. Fred Meyer, Safeway, Walgreens and Goodwill have been added to the growing list of shopping venues.
  • The Maple Valley Historical Society actively preserves the city’s past and runs two historical museums stocked with artifacts including the city’s first fire engine.
  • Gaffney’s Grove, an early resort area, is now a city park which includes an arboretum, extensive grass fields, and a swimming beach, and the site of the Maple Valley Days Parade each year. The Green to Cedar River trail is a popular for hikers and nature lovers.

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