• Edmonds boasts panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains, the Cascades, and Puget Sound and a more moderate climate by several degrees than the rest of the region
  • You can get here by boat, bus, or train and, once you’re here, you can walk everywhere. The downtown waterfront is mostly a public park, surrounded by the shopping district, ferry terminal leading to Hood Canal, marina, and beaches.  An historic theater, art galleries, the huge Cascadia Art Museum, and the Edmonds Center for the Arts honor the past while celebrating the creative present.
  • A Carnegie Library, now the Edmonds Historical Museum, has been designated a National Historic Place. Relive the waterfront mill town experience via storytellers and preservationists.
  • Delight in the foodie’s paradise with worldwide cuisine right on the waterfront.
  • The Underwater Dive Park, parks, trails, and the Sound right next door, all offer plentiful and varied recreation.

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