The Science of Selling

Listing a home is more than just packing, decluttering, and depersonalizing. I am a firm believer in the science of the sale.

Those listing broker personal touches are what transcend a listing from good to great.

Buyer impressions are made from the moment they pull up to the home. Otherwise known as curb appeal.  Is the landscaping tidy? Is there a mix of colors? Are the walkway, front steps, porch, and door all dirt free?

When a buyer walks through the door does it feel like home? Does it smell like home? Is the lighting right? Does the house flow with proper movement? Are questions readily answered? And above all, does the listing show effort on the seller’s part?

All of these aspects set the tone and perception of the home’s general condition whether warranted or not. Subconsciously the buyer feels the home is well cared for.

To be even more specific, the home must appeal to several of the buyer’s senses and not be overstimulating. For example, strong or competing smells are a no-no. Use one simple scent like a diffuser of soft vanilla. Over saturation of color, scent, and sound also confuse the brain and cause dissonance and confusion. The buyer has to work much harder to make sense of the environment when they are faced with sensory overload.

Bottom Line:

Behind every good listing is an amazing listing broker. To learn more about the right marketing and staging strategy for your home let’s set an appointment.