Technology Aids in Unseen Purchases

Would you purchase a home sight unseen? Many buyers are doing just that with the availability of modern technology and a savvy buyer’s agent to help you virtually tour the home.

According to a recent article in the Seattle Times offering on homes sight unseen is becoming more and more popular. I have completed two transactions this way myself!

In a quick moving market where time is of the essence this phenomenon makes sense. Buyers with tight schedules or who are out of area and relocating may need to rely on their buyer’s broker for more than just opening doors and writing up a contract.

If you plan to make a purchase sight unseen consider the following strategies:

  1. Utilize live touring: Be sure to FaceTime or Skype with your broker so he/she can move about the house and zoom in and out of areas while answering questions.
  2. Send a friend: Have a trusted person in the area such as a friend, family member, or future co-worker? Have them tour with your broker.
  3. Additional still photos: Listings are limited to 25 total photos per many MLS rules. Is there an area not captured well or of particular importance to you? Have your broker take additional photos for you.
  4. Conduct a pre-inspection: You can have the home inspected prior to making an offer in order to determine if there are any underlying issues. Your offer can then contain specific remedies or no further inspections needed.
  5. Include an inspection contingency:  If you don’t want to pay to inspect ahead of time, or the property is not anticipated to have multiple offers, then an inspection contingency post acceptance is appropriate. Be sure to arrange to be in town for the inspection if possible. Note – it is unethical to terminate after an inspection over a change of heart.

If your broker is unwilling to accommodate any of the before mentioned ideas he or she is likely only in it for a quick buck. A reputable broker will guide you through this process seamlessly to protect you as a valued client.


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