Top Inexpensive Ways to Prepare to Sell

If selling is in your future I sincerely hope you have a professional broker on your side who will advise you on the best course of action to help you obtain the strongest offers from qualified buyers. Selling is a process which requires planning and teamwork from everyone involved.

When I list a home for my clients I  have an entire system for detailing the notes and to do lists to help make the work easier on my sellers. I schedule appointments and create specific timelines to keep everyone on track and moving towards the listing date.

As a seller you must prepare to spend some money getting your home ready to sell. There’s just no way to avoid this. Much of the work can be done yourself and some is just easier to hire out. A home that shows in it’s best light will sell faster and for more money.

What are some key things every seller should expect to do when preparing a home for sale?

  1. Pre-Pack and thin out items. You need to move anyways so use this time to sell, donate, and pack things you won’t need right away. Imagine buyers looking into your drawers and closets. You are selling a home and not its contents. Less is more.
  2. Remove personal items. Buyers need to see themselves in the home. In addition, family photos, memorabilia, and collections can be distracting for a touring buyer.
  3. Light exterior maintenance such as pruning the garden, adding mulch, cleaning gutters and the roof, painting trim work, and pressure washing. Street appeal means a lot to set the tone of the visit for a potential buyer.
  4. Touch up paint or repainting where needed. Once you start packing and thinning things out the gouges, dings, and art holes will really stand out. Think about touching those up and also neutralizing dark colors or areas with too many different colors.
  5. Window washing inside and out. This adds to the sense of clean and lets in more natural light.
  6. Professional carpet cleaning. This really brings carpets back to life, eliminates pet and cooking odors, and of course pulls up stains.
  7. Professional move out clean. Even if you are still occupying the home during the listing a thorough cleaning adds to what I call the “sparkle factor”.

The above suggestions typically apply to every seller and every listing. I also advise my clients well beyond this list to create a personalized plan of attack for property preparation as well as presentation (staging, marketing, etc.).

Getting ready to sell your home? Let’s talk about what my strategies look like for you.

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