What is America’s Favorite Type of Home?

How often have you thought deeply about styles of homes and how they make you feel, what it would be like to live there, or quite frankly how much you despise them?

In a recent poll conducted by Trulia, 43% of respondents identified (drum roll please) the craftsman home as America’s favorite, but not necessarily in all demographics. Those over 55 strongly prefer the ranch style home which has 1950’s era roots and sets up nicely for an aging person.

Craftsman homes date back to a rebellion of the Industrial Revolution which saw new value in hand-made work. These distinctive homes feature a pitched roof, large porches, pillars, abundant windows, and interior characteristics such as wainscoting, crown molding, and window wraps.

A modern spin on a craftsman interior


Just as ranch homes appeal to a specific crowd, craftsman homes are the hands-down favorite of Millennial buyers at 52% while only 28% of boomers find their charm first-rate. Millennials are born of the “do it yourself” era and it’s no wonder they gravitate heavily towards the less mass-produced and more unique look.

If craftsman style homes are American’s favorite, how does that equate in dollars? Quite shockingly it makes a huge difference. The median home price of a craftsman home is $416,900 according to Trulia. This could be due to the popularity and style in high cost of living areas, but with the average rancher at just $201,000 it’s clearly a better bargain for many home buyers.

High ceilings, wood floors, large windows are all part of the craftsman appeal.


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